Shelley Kundert

My Story


I spent six years in post-concussion recovery. After participating in almost every therapy available and making a number of lifestyle changes, I was still experiencing excruciating migraines that would last for days. 

I didn't accept it when my neurologist told me that I would have these symptoms for the rest of my life. My stubbornness kept me searching for answers.

Then, one day, I had an epiphany. Every time I cleaned my house with store-bought cleaners I struggled to function after with symptoms. WHAT IF my issues were triggered by the chemicals in the products I was using to clean my house? I had been saying for years that so many health issues we were seeing in the world were due to all the chemicals we were being exposed to on a daily basis. WHAT IF there was a better way? 

Once I made the switch to a natural, all-purpose cleaner, the improvement was immediate. Cleaning no longer triggered my symptoms and I was able to function so much better. As I began to switch out more products for better options, I noticed so many changes: clearer thinking, less brain fog, more energy, my body functioned more smoothly, and I felt LIGHTER. 

That is what I want for you. I want you to feel the way I feel, full of energy and light, doing all the things you want to do with nothing holding you back.

Come join our group of like-minded souls and learn how you can make these changes with the knowledge we share in our community. 

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