Let’s face it, 2020 was a year of lack. Let’s make 2021 a year of abundance!

What do you think you don’t have enough of? Time? Money? Connections? Customers? Friends? Me time? If you say things like “I don’t have time” or “I can’t afford it” or “I need a better paying job” this creates a sense of lack. It’s all about conscious language and how the brain believes whatever you tell it. 

I started reading a book called “Conscious Language” by Robert Tennyson Stevens last summer while doing a business course. I’ve picked this book up again because it’s one of the things I’m finishing from 2020.

This book teaches how to be conscious of the things you think and say – being “conscious” of what you’re telling yourself. Your language needs to come from a place of abundance, not lack. Instead of “Ugh, I forgot ___!” replace it with, “Oh, I just remembered ___. Thank you!” Or, instead of, “I don’t have time to ____,” replace it with “I have all the time I need to ____.” You know the saying – ask and you shall receive. Remember, the universe has your back.

If you consistently use conscious language, you will notice changes. I’ll admit, it was very difficult for me at first and I’d beat myself up every time I realized I was coming from a place of lack. The difference now is my awareness of it and how I can literally stop, “delete,” and rephrase my thoughts and words to more conscious language. This also gets me out of the judgement mindset and into the gratitude mindset.

If you’re interested in reading the book, here’ the link on Amazon:


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Young Living also has an essential oil called “Abundance.” This has become one of my favorite oils. Abundance™ essential oil blend helps open you to a wealth of possibilities to give you the extra push to make things happen. This unique blend combines oils such as Orange and Ginger, which were used by ancient cultures to attract success and magnify joy and peace. Did you know essential oils actually change the vibration or electrical frequency in your body? Crazy, right! (This is a subject for a future blog.)

Place a drop of Abundance in your hands, rub hands together, inhale, focus on where you are looking for abundance, rub on your chest and the back of your neck. You can also put a drop or two in your diffuser while you are working on creative projects to create the energy of prosperity and plenitude.  In fact, I am using it as I write this blog.

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Until next time, stay well, embrace your days, and take care of you.

"Change occurs one step past your comfort zone and one small step can lead to an avalanche of awesomeness."   Shelley Kundert


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