In Canada, we were blessed with Valentine’s Day and Family Day on the same weekend this year. Except not everyone may see these as blessings. 

I have to admit, I’ve been having a bit of a pity party this weekend. Ok, if I’m honest, a full-blown rave complete with copious amounts of junk food, a little booze, and lots of self pity. 

Thanks to that which shall not be named, I am on day #5 of isolation for being a close contact. When I was first told, my only concern was for the health of the person who was sick. But, as the days have progressed, it’s getting harder to stay positive. Valentine’s Day spent more or less alone in my office. Family Day, same thing. My husband has worked many, many holidays over the years being a shift worker, so him not being around on a holiday is something I’ve gotten used to, although it still bothers and seems unfair. So, I had myself a 3-day pity party, a little excessive even for me, and now I’m ready to pull up my big girl panties and buck up. Here’s the thing. You have to acknowledge and FEEL all the feelings in order to get past them. Five minutes is good and then move on. Unless you’re like me and need a day or two…or three…

The best way I know how to buck up and move on is to take 5 minutes and make a list of all I’m grateful for in this moment. Sometimes I have to do it many times a day but it works. So here goes. 

I’m so very grateful that no one in my family has been sick. I’m grateful that my son is home and we can yell at each other through the floorboards. I can facetime with my daughter who is living in another province. The isolation has given me extra time to work on my business and get ahead (hopefully) on some things. I can talk on the phone to anyone I want. The sun is shining and it’s going to get warmer out. I might even be able to open the windows for some fresh air. Everything looks so clean outside with the snow. My house is finally getting a cleaning from top to bottom. I have a job. Everyone in my family still has a job and is working regular hours. All of my friends still have jobs. I have time to reach out to those I know are struggling with the pandemic. I have time to stare out the window and watch the sun rise and set, birds come and go, keep track of the neighbours (haha), read some good books, finish that puzzle that has been on the coffee table since Christmas. I could list so many more things if I keep going but, alas, I do have work to do. 

Try this if you haven’t yet. I know. It sounds cheesy. And it works. Just keep writing until you FEEL your mood lifting. AND remember your essential oils! Try Frankincense, Peace and Calming, Stress Away, Joy, Gratitude, Abundance, Motivation, Surrender, Acceptance, or Gary’s Light. 

If you don’t use essential oils yet or want more info, please reach out and I’ll help you get started on the road to better health and wellness. 

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Until next time, stay well, embrace your days, and take care of you.

"Change occurs one step past your comfort zone and one small step can lead to an avalanche of awesomeness."   Shelley Kundert


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