Second Act

After beginning my teaching career 33 years ago, I have decided to move on to my next adventure. For any of you who know a teacher, you know that most teachers don’t fully retire when they retire because even though they think they’re ready, it’s really hard to let go. Why is it hard to let go? Read on.

What will I miss about teaching? Well, there are a lot of things I won’t miss. I won’t miss the endless paperwork, the stress of trying to meet so many expectations coming at you from all directions all day long, all the sleepless nights worrying about students’ mental health and well-being, their academic progress, how I could have handled a situation better, and on and on. 

What will I miss? More than anything I will miss my students. Unless you are a teacher, you cannot fully comprehend how every single student has a piece of your heart and, after 33 years, that’s a lot of pieces. I will miss their smiling faces every morning. I will miss those a-ha moments when you can see the lightbulb go off and they finally get it. I will miss their excitement when they want to tell me what happened to them the night before. I will miss my incredible colleagues. I will miss the laughter and the bloopers. 

What am I looking forward to? I’m looking forward to sleeping in until 6 AM or maybe later, drinking a whole cup of coffee still hot and not from an insulated mug that I finish at lunch time, not rushing to get somewhere, and pursuing my other interests and passions.

What’s on the agenda after I have spent the first three weeks of July sleeping and recovering from the school year? I’ll follow my Young Living passion teaching others how to reduce chemicals in daily life, learning more about health and wellness, and the benefits of Young Living products. Contact me if you want to know more. I will reconnect with all the things I love - friends and family, outdoor activities, workouts, more reading, less worrying, and being present in the moment. Mostly, I will be grateful for all the blessings and lessons over the past 33 years. 


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